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The Founder: GDHunter

Hi there, I am quite ecstatic that Kdramapal is now more than one year old. On one hand, the thought of creating more and more content for the expanding audience is sort of exhausting. I will never stop though because I created this site to indulge myself—a certified fanboy, I believe—in Korean dramas. I haven’t fully achieved what I wanted to for KDP but I know that a promising future awaits my journey.

I thought I’d get regular teammates by the end of January 2018, but the search is harder than I thought it would be. Full expansion is only possible with moneey or the hearts of many who consider themselves as ardent fans of Korean TV series and volunteer. Anyway, going solo for at most two more years is something I could muddle through, so the writing and the editing and the writing will continue. Thanks for reading. And you’re welcome!

Allow me to share that I’m a 20-plus old Filipino lad who spends my leisure time mostly on VIU, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Reddit, and racing video games. I also blog elsewhere about my favorite anime and am preparing to get my dream education degree very soooon. I plan to live the rest of my life in Seoul, or Vienna, or Boston.

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